Assembly fixtures and machines

Precizní kontrolní přípravky

Development, design and manufacture
of assembly fixtures and machines

Assembly fixtures and assembly workplaces

They help in the assembly of both parts and assemblies. Individual assembly steps are usually or may be part of technological units or complex assembly lines. They make it easy to build both simple and complex product assemblies

Assembly fixtures are characterized by easy operation, reducing the required production time to a minimum. They are safe, accurate and increase productivity

Assembly fixtures enable error-free work operations to be carried out even without the right to professional and qualified labor.

By applying the Poka-Yoke system, a flawless assembly is subsequently achieved.

Assembly fixtures or assembly machines, are designed:

  • Mechanically, pneumatically and hydraulically operated

  • Poka-yoke principles

  • 3-2-1 Fixation

  • Optical inspection, optical sensors for the presence of parts and components, induction sensors, pneumatic barriers, pneumatic cylinders, sensors

  • Festo, Pneumax

Commonly used materials for the production of fixtures


Stainless steel





Selected realizations

The results speak for us