Checking fixtures and workplaces

Precizní kontrolní přípravky

Development, design and manufacturing
of checkingfixtures

Fast and accurate inspection of parts during production processes

Checking fixtures are used for interoperational and final shape, dimensional and positional check of parts and assemblies. By applying the flawless clamping system and Poka Yoke principles, fixtures are used quickly and efficiently in production. The checking fixtures themselves are inspected and subsequently measured at a 3D station (FARO) and provided with a measurement protocol.

For thorough control in production processes.

  • As part of development and production, checkingfixtures are individually designed with regard to the optimal solution and the customer's own requirements.

  • For more complex designs, documentation containing instructions for use and the methodology for checking parts is included.

  • The checking fixtures fully meet all the requirements of the relevant standards.

Checking fixtures or checking machines, are designed:

  • Pneumatically operated

  • Mechanically controlled

  • POKA-YOKE principles

  • 3-2-1 Fixation

  • Pneumatic components

  • Sensors

  • Quick release fasteners

  • Checking windows, Feeler and limit gauge

Commonly used materials for the production of fixtures


Stainless steel





Selected realizations

The results speak for us