Metrology and 3D measurement

Precizní kontrolní přípravky

Evaluation of dimensional accuracy
Creation of measurement protocols

Metrology department

Fast and accurate inspection

We use the metrology department both for domestic production and also measure products for our customers. We ensure re-measurement on a 3D measuring arm or a coordinate measuring machine with the final issuing of a measurement protocol. We measure both smaller parts and large models.

We perform dimensional measurements according to drawing documentation and by comparing the measured part with a 3D model.

Measuring equipment

CMM - Poli Sky7
Coordinate measuring machine
evaluation program Tango3D!
measurement accuracy: 5 + 4 * L / 1000

Our POLI CNC system is a fully automatic system driven by the most up-to-date personal computer.

portable 3D measuring arm

Werth ScopeCheck® 400
Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine for high-performance measurements in the workshop environment

Applications: Plastic parts, connectors and caps, molded/bent parts, printed joints, wristwatch bases and components, etc.

Selected realizations

The results speak for us