Design and Development

Precizní kontrolní přípravky

Design and Development
custom production

We will give your thoughts and ideas a real shape.

Development, Design, Manufacturing

Our practices and experience are constantly evolving and improving, but the foundation remains the same:

  • Affordable CAD & 3D designs and drawings

  • Long-term relationship to increase your profitability

  • Time flexibility, quick response

We offer our customers long-term experience in the field of design and production. Ensuring error-free output or inter-operation check in a fast and efficient way is the main goal of every production process. Based on your request, the necessary data and documents (3D file, drawing, customer standard, sketch, etc.), we will propose a solution optimized for your specific needs.

  • We support all orders for the production of fixtures and other products that we manufacture with our own design and knowledge.

  • We will process a 3D model of the construction design for you.

  • We have rich experience with foreign drawings.

  • When designing, we will take into account our experience with the given issue.

  • The fixtures are designed in such a way that the requirements for the implementation of the POKA-YOKE principles, for the coordinate system of the measured product or part, for simple and safe operation by the operator, etc.

  • You receive all orders for approval before actual production, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings or drawing changes.

  • Based on each approved design, we will create production 2D drawing and documentation.

We are using these following CAD programs:

  • SolidWorks

  • SolidEdge

  • Rhinoceros 3D

  • Autodesk Fusion 3D

In addition to the native formats of the CAD systems we use, we also have the ability to work with other 2D and 3D data formats such as:

  • DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid, Catia V4 and V5, ProE, Unigraphics,  Inventor, Rhino and many others

We use the following CAM software to simulate, check and generate CNC programs:

  • SolidCAM

  • Siemens NX

  • Autodesk Fusion 360

The main advantages of external cooperation

You don't pay overhead costs associated with employing a designer

You do not need to buy an expensive license for the software and for its maintenance

The cooperation can be terminated at any time without paying severance pay, as in the case of an employee

Cooperation is always mainly about trust.
We will sign an NDA

Reasons for choosing us

  • You need to design an entire machine or just a simple product

  • You want to ensure the production of the machine / product

  • You want to refurbish / upgrade an existing machine

  • You need to prepare production documentation for serial production

  • You want to create a 3D model from existing 2D drawings (digitalization of drawings)

  • Or you just want to create an informative 3D model for preliminary consultations and pricing

  • You want to make a prototype on a 3D printer, or just prepare data for 3D printing

  • Help with production problems

  • Conversion of drawing documentation into electronic form

Selected realizations

The results speak for us