Pneumatic components

Precizní kontrolní přípravky

Festo, Pneumax

Key components in automated systems, pneumatics use compressed air to move and control various mechanical devices. For our applications, we use two of the leading companies in the industry, Festo and Pneumax. Both manufacturers offer a wide range of high-quality pneumatic elements that find use in many industries and automation applications.


Festo is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of pneumatic components with a rich history that dates back to 1925. The company has gained a reputation for its innovative approach to the development and production of pneumatic and automation technologies. Festo offers a wide range of pneumatic components, which include::

  • Pneumatic cylinders:
    Various types of pneumatic cylinders, such as single-sided, double-sided, sliding, short-stroke, etc. The cylinder body can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or plastic, which ensures suitability for various environments.
  • Valves:
    Festo manufactures a wide range of air flow control valves. This includes check valves, actuators, safety valves and many more. These valves are designed to enable fast and reliable regulation of air flow in automation systems.
  • Accessories:
    In addition to pneumatic cylinders and valves, Festo also offers various accessories such as switches, sensors, hoses, connectors and more. These accessories play a key role in the proper functioning of pneumatic systems.


Pneumax is another significant player in the field of manufacturing pneumatic components with many years of experience. The company has an excellent reputation for its focus on quality, reliability and technological innovation. Pneumax offers a wide range of pneumatic elements with an emphasis on the following products:

  • Pneumatic valves:
    Pneumax develops and manufactures various types of pneumatic valves, including 2/2, 3/2, 5/2 valves and more. These valves are designed to allow quick and reliable control of air flow in automation systems.
  • Air treatment:
    Pneumax specializes in filters, regulators and lubrication (FRL), which are used to clean, regulate and lubricate compressed air before it is used in pneumatic systems.
  • Pneumatic actuators:
    The range of pneumatic actuators from Pneumax includes cylindrical, rotary and special actuators that are suitable for various industrial applications.

The components we use are from Festo and Pneumax, which are internationally recognized pneumatic component manufacturers who have earned respect in the industry for their emphasis on innovation, quality and reliability. Their wide range of products allows industrial customers to choose the most suitable pneumatic elements for their automation and motion applications. When choosing between these two manufacturers, it is advisable to consider the specific requirements and specific needs of your industry.

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